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Kraken Studios - Artfully Innovative Productions -
Artfully Innovative Productions
Movie Theater: Seating Facing Screen Houseing Promo Video - Kraken Studios
Ahoy there, Mateys! We are Kraken Studios—sailing the vast seas of pop culture!—crafting Arrrrrr-tistic Treasures for all ye’ Authentic AF Folks out there—where imagination meets innovation is fueled by the holy trinity of coffee, bacon, and sarcasm.

Our Uniquely Human Productions build community in the abyss of the metaverse with an arsenal of materials that includes tentacles (naturally), snark, fiery-wit, innovation, and a healthy dose of inner turmoil. 

Come walk ye' plank into a virtual realm where the elusive Kraken logo lurks in hidden corners, waiting to strengthen human connections. Beware of facing the wrath of a tentacle to your noggin' if ye dare not watch, wear, and share: "The Real Booty!"
Where Reality Gets Reimagined In The Metaverse - When Imagination & Innovation Collide
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